The Best Olympic Tip You’ll Ever Receive

The wine skin was invented by the God of Outdoor drinking. And there’s a good chance it could become your best friend during the Olympics.

For those not in the know, a wine skin is essentially a goat skin flask made popular by alcoholic skiers, Norsemen, and creepy mountain hermits. It’s like an old timey flask, but has the awesome advantage of escaping detection by Olympic metal-detecting security wands. It’s not immune to a pat down, but a quick-witted spectator can always say, “That’s my gut.”

If you have one, you’re one of the lucky few. Use it as much as possible to avoid the sky high prices Molson is sure to charge at all the venues. They’ve been eerily quiet about their in-venue pricing strategy, but if I was a betting man, I’d ┬ásay we’re looking at double-digit beer prices. Plus, I’m sure VANOC will find a way to put service charges on top of that. For applying the lid or something.

If you’re going to Olympic events and tend to get thirsty (as I do), you should invest in a wine skin. Especially if you’re watching Olympic curling, because much like Karaoke, it’s a sport that’s really only enjoyable if there’s heavy drinking involved.