Doubles Lugers are People Too

Chris Moffat, 88 sweater, and Mike Moffat

I hereby propose a moratorium on making fun of the sport of doubles luge. While no sport has opened itself up to more ridicule since ski ballet, we have to remember these lugers are, in fact, high performance athletes.

I was lucky enough to meet the Moffat brothers, who compete for Canada in doubles luge. They were admiring my 1988 Olympic Sweater at a party, and that started a conversation. Turns out Mike Moffat is a big fly fisherman, and recently caught his first Steelhead on the Squamish during the Games. That’s no easy task.

Mike and I even discussed hitting up the Bow River the next time I’m in Calgary. In a Jerry Seinfeld/Keith Hernandez moment, he gave me his card, and we parted ways. But don’t be surprised if we’re floating the Bow one day, possibly in the same boat.

Not a word out of you, Ian Day.


Parallel skis, parallel universes (by Marcus McLaughlin)

Apart from sharing the same name (compare them out loud, really, go on, it’s fun), these two fine gentlemen have much in common. Both have a fetish for well-cut grey pants. Both are yet to live up to their earlier promise. Both are partial to sharing shellfish with older women. Ashton / Anton, on behalf of all Global Villagers, I salute you for enriching our lives.

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Odds and Ends

Johnny Weir-do Outfoxed

The pressure is off Johnny Weir and his fox fur skating costume faux pas. It seems he’s been one-upped by a Russian Pairs couple and their politically incorrect tribute to Aboriginals, including either “brown face” or a bit of a Jersey Shore-esque spray tan malfunction.

Ivan Sekretarev/Associated Press

Paint the Town Red

Vancouver has been encouraged to show its Canadian Olympic support by “painting the town red.” So far, it’s been about as popular as a Hooter’s on Davie Street. With one exception–the always classy Granville shop Dare to Wear has embraced it wholeheartedly in their latest window display. Some would argue it’s for Valentine’s Day, but I know Canadian Olympic pride draped over double Ds when I see it.

Modest Granville clothier sets the bar for Canadian patriotism

The Start of World War III?

The Australians are pissed off at the IOC’s demand that they remove a boxing kangaroo flag from the Olympic village. The IOC trademark police are claiming that it’s not an approved trademark, forgetting to look into the fact that the trademark is owned by the Australian Olympic committee. If they Australians were smart enough to make the claim “We’re just trying to promote sales of those dumb red Canada mitts,” this would all go away. In a related story, if you want to meet members of the Australian team, they can be found at any Roots store, taking pictures and giggling.