Take it for Granite

Since the early theme of this blog has us highlighting the lack of highlights going into Sochi, it seems fitting that we write a piece on the colossally boring “sport” of curling (apologies to Jarrod).

This little nugget comes to us courtesy of the New York Times. This article tells of the obscure Scottish island of Ailsa Craig, where nothing much goes on except that it holds a distinctive granite that makes up many of the world’s curling stones, including those slated for Sochi.


This means some curling nerd back in the day stumbled across this island and thought: ‘Hmm, what could we do with this majestic water-resistant microgranite, taken from this ancient volcanic husk sitting majestically amidst the waters of the Firth of Clyde?Hang on a thecond…let’s use it for curling’!

So when you’re gathered amongst friends during the Olympics and only curling is on TV (you’re waiting for a real sport to get started, most likely), you can drop this little nugget of trivia just to liven up the proceedings a little.


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