Vonn Crutch


With the news that Lindsey Vonn crashed in training in Colorado on Tuesday, re-injuring her right knee, the ski world was turned upside-down.

Just a year ago, superstar skier Lindsey Vonn was petitioning the FIS to let her ski in the Men’s Downhill at Lake Louise. Y’know, just to give herself a bit of a challenge, after repeatedly winning the women’s race by margins usually measured in chairlift rides. They didn’t let her, because the FIS is unflinchingly Austrian, and she probably would’ve placed, like, 7th, emasculating around 65 male skiers in the process.

Now, only 9 months removed from her horrible crash in Austria, and remarkably back on snow ahead of schedule, she has yardsaled her way back out of the Olympic picture.

This situation is pretty bleak for some:

First, Lindsey, obvs.

Second, NBC. They’ve lost their blonde Olympic show pony, already shaping many of their promo ads around her miraculous comeback. But don’t worry, there’s always that redhead chick Sean White.

And poor Tiger Woods has gained a smothering girlfriend once again. Anyone who saw her squirrel antics at the President’s Cup could sense that Tiger was about to have that, “Baby I need my space” talk.  You just know when she took off for training in Colorado, he probably did one of those Tiger fist pumps as the Red Bull chopper flew away. But now she’ll be back rehabbing and gossiping about Julia Mancuso and talking in his backswing as he practices and other typical girlfriend stuff.

But while there are many losers in this story of arrested ACL recovery, the other girls on the World Cup circuit are the big winners. They no longer have to say that they’re shooting for silver. Although Lindsey on one leg with ski crutches is still a 5 to 1 favourite in my books.

UPDATE (NOV 25th): Lindsey plans on skiing in Lake Louise in under two weeks. Perhaps under the one leg circumstances noted above, or maybe Tiger told her to shake off your boo-boo and go do your winter stuff for a while.

(Headline props to Jeff Funnekotter)


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