Start ‘Er Up


So Sochi is just around the corner. Just like it would appear to a Jamaican bobsledder though, that corner seems really far away and tricky to navigate.

A word to the PR people in Russia – forget the anti-gay stuff (we’ll get to that later) – you need to generate some better buzz for the games. Just a couple of weeks ago, the Sochi Olympic Committee promoted ‘100 days to go’ until the Games, which kick off February 7th.

A couple of days later, Russian skier Raisa Smetantina – yes, THE Raisa Smetantina – lit the Olympic cauldron.

Both events went anti-viral.

Buzz? At the moment, Miley Cyrus generates more buzz farting in her sleep (a butch oven?) than the Sochi games do. Snooki is more happening than Sochi. Toronto’s mayor Rob Ford – speaking of being buzzed – has a higher Q rating than a global, once-every-four-year event which involves, like, a ton of countries.

Is the public and media apathy just a way of giving the cold shoulder to the country, in retaliation for Russia’s bizarre state-sponsored anti-homosexual stance? Or is it the Winter Games in general, with a perennially lower profile than its big sister Summer?

In any case, the collective yawn so far is not a great sign for the Russkies, nor for the athletes who have been training for years just to have a shot at Olympic glory and possible endorsement riches.

However! All is not lost. We here at the fiveringcircus  – Jarrod Banadyga, the original five-ringer, and some of his hand-picked guest bloggers – are avid armchair Olympians, and we’ll do our part to help get Sochi sorted. We’ll see if we can sex it up a little, laugh it up a lot, and in general get some good ol’ glasnost going.


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