Shut ‘er down

The tents are being taken down, the red mitts are being tossed in homeless donation bins, the ticket scalpers are crawling back into the dark alleys, and the puddles of puke and urine are being washed down the gutter by the reliable Vancouver rains.

These amazing, disgusting, enthralling, and emotional Games are over.

I only wish the Olympics could’ve slowed to the pace of the Snow Leopard (43 seconds behind the leader on his slalom runs), but instead it ripped past us all like Alex Bilodeau.

Thank you all for following along on this blog, and for all the contributors who helped add some content along the way while I was out banging cowbells instead of keyboards (and witnessing 4 gold medals). You were like that proverbial ass push in a short track relay, helping me get through this.

It felt like going into this, I had to hard sell a lot of Vancouverites on how great these Games would be. Now all the sideliners seem to have better Olympic stories than I do. This city really surprised me and dropped its indifference the moment the cauldron was clumsily lit.

I’m going to miss the alternating panning and praising of the Own the Podium Program, I’m going to miss Vicki Chan’s obsession with Johnny Weir, the Snow Leopard’s ubercelebrity status, Norway’s amazing curling pants, Stephen Brunt’s tearjerking montages, Jay Onrait’s morning show, and my girlfriend’s inability to let seven combined illnesses stop her from partying.

Jenny Taylor, still cheering through a Bronchial infection

I’m NOT going to miss the ridiculous venue lineups, the Yoplait Source commercial, the hideous Russian Sochi jackets, the way too revealing speed skating suits (mooseknuckles and cameltoes), the 18% automatic restaurant surcharge, the long lineups for beer tents, the outdated soulpatch of Apolo Anton Ohno, the off-pitch spontaneous anthem singing, those stupid Lululemon hockey helmet toques, the way too aggressive high fiving, and most of all, the CTV “I Believe” song.

The most encouraging thing I’ve heard in the aftermath is that amateur sports will now have a dedicated sports channel so that Canadians can follow our athletes on TV in between the Olympics, instead of the back pages of the sports section.

And though much has been made of this new brand of brash patriotism, I must admit, I lean toward the quieter, more modest Canada. I think we should all look to Sidney Crosby as a role model of class and dignity we need to maintain. We shouldn’t be in any rush to out America the Americans.

As for this blog, it’ll probably be back in 4 years. It’s been encouraging seeing 600 people a day check in on the stories, which rocketed to 5000 thanks to google searches for Ashleigh McIvor after her gold medal. Lesson learned–sex sells. Still, my favourite thing about this blog is that I knew it would have an expiration date of March 1st. Like my Olympic gear, it’s dying to be put away for a while.

Thanks for following the Circus.

The author and Athlete to Watch for Shallow Reasons, Kimi Zakreski



4 thoughts on “Shut ‘er down

  1. Hey there! Just wanted to tell you I LOVED your blog! I am going to miss it over the next four years. Thanks for making me laugh even harder than the mooseknuckles did while watching speed skating each day. You’ve made my Olympics hilarious and made me feel like I was there.
    A fellow Calgarian who loves good jokes.

    • Thanks Krista. It’s as if the Canadians designed their suits to accentuate the mooseknuckles and cameltoes even more than the other athletes. If I bring back my blog in 4 years, it’ll likely be titled “Mooseknuckles n’ Cameltoes”. In fact, I better go park that URL.

      Thanks for keeping it real in Calgary.

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