Oprah’s fans go apeshit!

I can’t help but think that Oprah’s audience heard “Red” and just stopped listening, hoping the second part would be “Honda Civic”. Had they controlled their shit long enough to let her finish, they would’ve heard “mittens” followed by “that retail for $10” followed by “and will only be worn by homeless people a month from now.”

You get mittens, you get mittens, everyone gets miiiiitttteeeeennnns!



2 thoughts on “Oprah’s fans go apeshit!

  1. JB I have to say that your blog gave me the inside track and made me so much more connected to our Olympics. Thank you for this blog. Your passion and your articulate writing ability (made me feel as though I was at the same events as you) and your humour…actually made my Olympic experience that much better. Thank you! (I’d insert lots of emoticons but know you hate them). I really do hope we see you in 2014. I’ll be looking for your Sochi blog.

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