Game On!

Protesters say these Olympics are reserved for the bourgeoisie

The Games are well underway, and the blogger in me is battling with the sports nerd in me. The sports nerd wants the computer to be put away for the next two weeks, using my fingers for flipping between channels, or ringing a cowbell at a live event. I’ll try to get the two to coexist, but if things go silent for a few days, it’s because blogger me is recovering from a serious wedgie.

As I’ve slept about 7 hours in the last 72, I’m going to give you some staccato and scattered thoughts from the last few days.

  • The US really needs to slow down its medal-grabbing pace. It’s like a kid on speed playing Hungry Hungry Hippo with a group of seniors.
  • This ongoing dissection of the opening ceremonies needs to stop. Yes, she sang the national anthem a little slower and sexier. I kind of liked it. If you didn’t, you’re probably over 60. Let it go, and let’s start talking about sports.
  • Dale Begg-Smith needs to stop being such a sore loser. It’s silver. It’s still an accomplishment. Find what’s left in you that’s Canadian and muster up some gratitude and respect for the true Canadian that beat you.
  • What’s with the hydraulic malfunctions in these Olympics? First, the 4th totem pole in the opening ceremonies, and now the zambonis at the Richmond Oval. Good thing there’s not a Disneyland in Canada.
  • The Olympic Volunteers are incredibly helpful and positive. For now. I’ll check in with them again on day 16. I think it’ll be like when a Mogwai turns into a Gremlin.
  • I’m clearly bad luck for Team Canada so far. 3 events witnessed, and no medals. I’m going to go out tomorrow and get some USA gear, so I can repel medals from them instead.
  • The Canadian Pairs skaters let us down, especially the ones who pee sitting down. Girls, learn to land those jumps. Come on.
  • Vancouver’s not a winter city. When they do experience Winter, it’s because Winter took a wrong turn, drove too far west and accidentally ended up in Vancouver asking “which way to Calgary?” It’s so rainy and warm right now that I shower outside in the morning.
  • As a final note for the evening, Alex Bilodeau is amazing.

And in case you’re interested, this is how my life breaks down since Friday:

Amazing opening ceremonies party at Relish. Drinking. Heckling. Dancing. Drinking again. Dancing some more. Midnight poutine. Weird poutine-induced dreams. Early wakeup. Cancelled downhill. Angry. Realization of sleep-in and bacon. Happy. Saturday. Lazy. Granville Island. Pictures. People watching. Pavilion hopping. Tapas. Friends. Moguls on TV. Cheering. Pride. Wilco. Yaletown. Ceasars. Oysters. Dancing. 80’s music. House party. Jersey-shore lookalikes. Quick exit. Sunday. Bed. Stupid early wake up. Alberta Train to Whistler. Good friends. Extreme luxury. Whistler. Biathlon. Crazy Weather. Village exploration. Alberta Train home.  News of Bilodeau’s gold on twitter. Cheering on train. Almost man tears. Embarrassment. Eating beef. Big Rock beer. Missing Calgary. Back home. Scarf from girlfriend. Perfect Valentine’s Day. Monday. Short sleep. Back to Whistler. Men’s downhill. Disappointment. Mad dash back to Vancouver. Men’s 500 speed skating. Go Jeremy. Broken Zamboni. Delays. Frustration. Bad results. Frustration. Twitter news of Boardercross silver. Less frustration. Back home. Vietnamese food. Blogging. Realizing this is probably a pretty dry read.



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