Olympic Eve!

‘Twas the night before the Olympics and all through Vancouver, everyone got Olympic fever, even the Yaletown Cougars.

So much going on, I thought I’d just share some photos and captions. Thanks to everyone who’s been spreading the word about the Circus. I’m starting to think it’s more than my relatives reading this.

The Torch made its way into work today, thanks to Pat Bell. Chris Moore and I quickly turned the photo op into this motivational poster for our office door.

Action Shot in the office

Chris Moore getting into the Olympic Spirit

Paid a visit to the Alberta House. It’s conveniently located across the street from a steak house, and has a real time clock showing the price of a barrel of oil. Our provincial stereotypes are safe and sound.

You must be this tall to be an Olympian

I’m pretty sure if the anti-Olympic protesters saw the picture above, they’d immediately change their stance.

I think this artist was trying to say that the Olympics are as awesome as bacon, which is pretty awesome. Agreed!

The torch passed by our place tonight, as two men gingerly touched the tips of their torches together. That juvenile joke was stolen from the movie Role Models. Oh yeah, one of them was Michael Buble.

VANOC CEO John Furlong asked nicely if he could have his picture taken with me. I’m pretty sure it was a big moment for him. He asked if I’d put it in the5ringcircus, and I said I’d try my best.


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