Biathlon isn’t the most celebrated winter sport in Canada. We’re not that fond of guns, we prefer ski-doos over or cross-country skiing, and most of us think biathlon is for people who aren’t motivated enough to be triathletes.

So it’s no surprise that the Canadian biathlon team doesn’t quite get the funding or the attention that they deserve. Rather than pout about their low profile, they adopted Halle Berry’s Oscar strategy: Skin to Win.

I don’t own this calendar, but I have had the misfortune of receiving (and regifting) the “Fire and Ice” calendar featuring nude curlers. My guess is that this calendar is much more tasteful and classy. Plus, there’s guns involved.

Bold, Beautiful Biathlon sells for $20, with proceeds going to the team expenses. An excerpt from their site:

We are the Canadian women’s biathlon team. We are a dynamic, positive and internationally competitive team of five women who share a common dream to excel at Canada’s Olympics in 2010 and beyond. Despite the upcoming home Games, our team is in dire need of funding. This is our initiative to take control,
effect positive change and continue the success of our team.

Our goal is to empower and inspire women and girls by expressing the beauty of a healthy, athletic body. The net proceeds will go directly towards funding our expenses leading up to the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

While we’re on the topic, Canadian biathlete Zina Kocher took a cue from American Pie and gave us one of the more enjoyable Olympic athlete profile ads going into the Games.



One thought on “Bi-Curious?

  1. Those women have my respect.
    The grueling training with virtually no recognition, respect or support from the public, media or traditional means of Olympic funding.
    I would purchase more than one calendar not only on the principal of supporting out team. The ladies are mature and not afraid of firearm. No denying either the team are wonderful mix of being beautiful, bold and yet reserved.
    I have to wonder who suggested the calendar idea to the team first?

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