The S.S. Dreamcrusher

As a Calgarian, I’m not allowed to let this story get by without comment:

In a floating hotel cash-grab scheme gone horribly wrong, a group of Edmonton investors are leaving a group of Olympic-bound terminally ill kids high and dry.

From the CTV story:

Thirteen terminally ill children and their families who were set to take in the spectacle of the Vancouver Olympics may see that last wish dashed after accommodation plans fell through less than two weeks before the Games.

The families are among approximately 800 people who were supposed to stay in a cruise ship that was to serve as a floating hotel during the Games. But the investment company behind the project cancelled the plan. Many people are left with nowhere to stay, including the children who had planned to attend the Games with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Edmonton’s Newwest Special Projects confirmed it pulled the plug on accommodations for the Norwegian Star cruise ship because sales were slow and expenses were too great. It’s a business decision that throws into turmoil the Olympic travel plans of people from around the world.

Why are land-locked Edmontonians trying to cash in on a transformed cruise ship? It’s not your area of expertise. Stick to the stuff you’re good at, like drilling for oil or reminiscing about how good your hockey team was 25 years ago.

I just hope these Make-A-Wish kids find a place to stay. I’d offer up my place, but I don’t think any kid’s wish is to sleep on a slow-leak inflatable floor mattress. Plus, I’ve got a two week supply of naive Korean tourists booked on that mattress at $500/night.

(thanks to Mel Woytiuk for the story)



4 thoughts on “The S.S. Dreamcrusher

  1. this alberta on alberta hate really has to stop. we (those of us originating from the capital region) mention the 5 cups in 7 years a few times after beers and suddenly we’re backwoods hicks developmentally and fashion-wise stuck in the 80s. can’t we agree to hate other areas of the country, like labrador? an entire made up province of jerks as far as i’m concerned.

    ps. the oilers won those cups while high as well. think of the dominance if they weren’t spending weeknights at club malibu. just sayin.

  2. So what? Would you not cancel a business venture if you saw that it was going to cost you a lot of money?

    Those kids will be fine, they will find a place to stay, its not like its hard to find places for 11 terminally ill children.

    • Stanky_r,

      Perhaps if you read more of the blog you’d understand that I take none of this shit too seriously. I’m not actually mad at the lousy businessmen, nor am I concerned about the kids finding a place to stay. In case you’re wondering, I don’t hate Edmontonians either.

      Is the satire not coming through?

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