It’s the Olympics, not the G8 summit

The following poster has been appearing in Vancouver, courtesy of a group called the “2010 Welcoming Committee”.

First of all, the name is misleading. The 2010 Welcoming Committee doesn’t look very welcoming. Second, if you’re going to militarize the mascots, at least include Mukmuk, assholes. Third, make sure when you speak out about the “impact the games are having on your communities”, try not to overlook the thousands of kids inspired to get involved in winter sports, thanks to the Olympics and all the shiny new facilities that have been built for you.

If you look at the bottom left corner of the protest poster you’ll find that it says “child care available.”

I know when I’m protesting, I can’t stand when the other protesters bring their kids along. Their constant questions like “Daddy, why are you mad at the cute mascots?” or “Mommy, what did the speed skaters do to make you so mad” are enough to make me want to stuff my balaclava down their throat. Stupid kids and their stupid untainted logic and objective reasoning. At least now they’ll all be somewhere else playing with mega blocks so the adults can protest about how evil sports are.

This is getting too political. I’m going to go look for the next athlete to watch for shallow reasons.



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