Athletes to watch for shallow reasons: Julia Mancuso

No, no, the boots stay ON.

Julia Mancuso, aka “Super Jules”, is a US alpine skier who isn’t afraid of speed, or the camera for that matter.

Julia ran her first World Cup ski race at age 15, making her a grizzled veteran at the age of 24. In that time, she’s racked up several podium finishes, including a gold medal in Torino. In the short off-seadon, Julia can be found surfing with the Canadian Cowboys in Hawaii, or being felt up in a hot tub by fellow “shallow reasons” inductee Chemmy Alcott.

She’s well known on the circuit for wearing a tiara on the outside of her helmet in slalom races. That affectation has inspired her soon-to-be-released line of lingerie titled “Kiss My Tiara”. Watch out, Agent Provocateur.

Learn more about Julia’s World Cup adventures on her comprehensive¬†blog

Learn more about her cuteness by checking out these pictures:



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