I’m not sure how I feel about this…

The stencillers strike back!

As mentioned in a previous post, I wasn’t too happy about Vancouver/VANOC painting over a tasteful graffiti mural. So it’s easy to sympathize with those artists who might be pissed off that their handiwork was erased in a number of hours by a coat of blue paint. But I’m also decidedly pro-Olympics, so the way they’ve drawn the rings here is down right amateurish.

As any grade school kid could tell you, the Olympic rings on the horizontal plane never touch each other. Only on the vertical plane. Get it right, as it calls into question your “arts” credentials.

Still, your slogan of “With glowing hearts, we kill the arts” is kind of clever. That internal rhyming didn’t go unnoticed.

The more important issue at play is the potential poker tell that VANOC may have shown us with the blue paint. My theory is that they plan to use the same approach with Vancouver’s homeless. Hose them all down with blue paint, so that tourists think they’re seeing a really elaborate blue man group performance.



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