Red Mitt Diaries

You’re looking at the Red Mitts that are causing the kind of door crashing usually reserved for Harry Potter book releases.

Speaking of the boy wizard, these mitts will appeal to the same demographic: kids, moms, and nerdy girls. If you’re a guy with self-respect, you probably shouldn’t wear these. Plus, they’re wool, so they’ll do a great job of soaking up the inevitable Vancouver rain. It’ll be like having a pair of red hand weights for those who want to get a bit of a workout when they cheer.

Maybe I’m being a little tough on the mittens. The proceeds do go to Canadian athletes, and they are better than the collectible item from ’88, the seldom mentioned “torch candle.”


3 thoughts on “Red Mitt Diaries

  1. Eff that! The torch candle rules! I remember when the torch came through Airdrie back in ’88 the dude stopped and lit everybody’s torch candle with the actual Olympic flame! Then everybody took their still-lit torch candles home and lit the pilot lights on their hot water tanks and/or furnaces with it. Hence the townsfolk of Airdrie got to literally “Share the Flame”.

    I’m willing to bet that the furnace at 25 Alpine Crescent still burns with the ’88 Olympic flame. In 22 years what will there be to show for this Olympic collectable other than a few random red mittens melting out of the Blackcomb Glacier like used hypodermics in the spring thaw.

    • Good call Krista. Those red mitts will live on as well, providing cozy hands to the scores of homeless in this city, much as the ’88 volunteer jackets became the official uniform of Calgary’s homeless after the Olympics. Got to love accidental sustainability.

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