More Mukmuk

I’ll admit, I’m a fan of the 2010 mascots. All of the naysayers of this huggable family of critters happen to be adults, who don’t realize that their right to criticize mascots went away when their age hit double digits.

Kids love Quatchi, Sumi, and Miga, and swarm them with the same fervor of a suburban ice cream truck.

My only issue is with the blatant suppression of Mukmuk, the tragic Cinderella figure in this equation.

For proof, check out this press photo of the 4 of them going for a walk, with MukMuk forced hang back further than a Taliban wife.

Quatchi, Miga, Sumi and... Mukmuk

Officially, Mukmuk is supposed to be a Mascot “sidekick”. An Andy Richter, if you will. Still, in the cuteness contest, Mukmuk is the clear winner, and is clearly the reason for the prejudice.

A little bit from Mukmuk’s official bio:

When he is not hibernating or sunbathing on rocks and logs, he enjoys getting out to meet other types of marmots and animals. In fact, this is how he became friends with the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic mascots.

Mukmuk gets his name from the word ‘muckamuck,’ Chinook jargon for ‘food,’ because he loves to eat! (Interestingly, Chinook jargon was a First Nations trading language.) He’s passionate about the many different types of food found in British Columbia, and is particularly fond of berries and mountain flowers.

Now that CoCo is off the air for the next 7 months, why not divert your support to Team Mukmuk.


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