A Fresh Coat of Paint!

(To be read in a heavy tone of sarcasm)

Dear Vanoc and City of Vancouver,

I’d like to commend you on your wise choice to freshen up the city’s art installations in recent days. I noticed the Orca mural that welcomed the incoming traffic on the Granville Bridge has been given a fresh coat of paint. It’s nice to see 70’s-style Air Brushed Van Art so lovingly restored, so that tourists can feel like they’re driving into the coastal equivalent of the 3 wolf moon shirt. It’s an excellent first impression of Canada’s arts community.

And while I’m handing out kudos, I’d also like to commend you on covering up that graffiti mural on Beatty Street. When the Steve Nash foundation commissioned artists to add some flare to the retaining wall years ago, they forgot about those people who might prefer the raw beauty of bare concrete and water stains. Thank god you painted over their graffiti with a nice shade of Avatar Blue. I’m sure tourists will shoot way more photos of that strip of blue than they did they mélange of colourful and diverse graffiti that was once there.

Since you’re off to a good start on being the curator of what makes good art in this city, I’d like to ask that a tarp be thrown over the entire Vancouver Art Gallery. I don’t want Olympic tourists thinking we offer anything to the world other than glass buildings, dog sweaters, and Lulu Lemon gym lingerie.



(Less sarcastic news coverage here)


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