Good News/Bad News

Here’s the bad news: Cirque du Soleil will not be playing a role in the 2010 Opening Ceremonies, meaning it could have the entertainment and production value of a Grey Cup half time show.

(more about that bullshit here)

Here’s the good news: Calgary’s ’88 Closing Ceremonies set the bar so low, even a Special Olympics high jumper could clear it.

For proof, feast your eyes on this treat (especially the :30 second mark)

On a related note, why doesn’t Vancouver have its own Olympic song? Was that an 80’s thing, like the saxophone solo in rock songs?

12 year old Feist


I guess something good came of the ’88 opening ceremonies. Calgary’s own Feist was one of the thousands of sequined kids running around, and apparently the experience inspired her 1-2-3-4 video.


3 thoughts on “Good News/Bad News

  1. Kinda felt like I was almost there…wait, I was.

    Note to self: Dig out the ’88 white plastic ponchos, red-cupped candles, and collection of pins funded by Dad and sourced at the Coca Cola pin tent on Stephen Ave.

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