The Simspons are coming to the Olympics! According to a story from cbc.ca, the writers are shaping an episode around the Simpsons competing in the 2010 Games. Not only that, but the sport will be (spoiler alert)–curling.

According to the article:

“We wanted to do a show at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver and my initial idea was to have Homer and three of his buddies do a four-man bobsled,” writer Rob LaZebnik said in an interview with The Canadian Press.

“Then we decided there’s a lot more interesting story having Homer do something with Marge. One of the head writers suggested curling and we all liked it. I learned about mixed curling and it seemed kind of perfect.”

In the episode, Homer and Marge form a mixed-doubles curling team with Principal Skinner and his mother, who are experienced curlers.

I guess Canadians have taken over the writing staff for the world’s longest running show. With both the 2010 Games and curling, it’s got more Canadian content than Anne Murray sipping on a double-double. I just hope it lives up the standards of the Simpson’s hockey episode.

As per the previous post, my subplot prediction is that Otto tries to smoke the torch.


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